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"Ocean Tulip"

This is one of my personal favorites. This is why I love to do art.
I just feel so good when I look at this piece of art. Ocean Tulip.
The flower petals are like water waves and the little bubbly, pink seeds spread the energy from the flower out in the world.

When I do art, I don't think. I just draw....and I am as fascinated, and even surprised by the end result as anyone of you might be ;)
I use what I feel are beautiful shapes, often shapes I see around me or in nature, and I color with whatever color seems to fit the shape. 
There are exceptions to this process. For example the paining "Sheets in a Dream" Which you can see in the gallery slider in the about page:
and also find some items in the
"Limited Editions & Special Items"
That painting was an image I had in my head. It was all a very clear and done image in my imagination, and I just had to paint it out so to speak.