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Tote bag large with zipper -


All bags are 100% cotton canvas

The larger tote bags have a secure zippered main compartment and an additional small interior zippered pocked.

They are on special introduction price for

US$ 35.00 until April 17, 2022 !!

21 liter / 5.5 US Gallon capacity.

Large tote bags have a printed image on 1 side.

This extra-durable cotton tote bag is suitable for everyday use or as a practical day bag for trips to the beach or lake.

"I myself, the artist Anna Cei,

LOVE these large zippered bags and I use them every day! I haul water bottles, use them for grocery shopping and they are truly sturdy.

It is only recommended to surface wash them, but I have machine washed mine in cold water with a mild soap without problems. However, if you know you will put down your bag on dirty surfaces maybe pick the black or blue bottoms."