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Anna Cei's Ideas

Anna Cei explains the reason behind putting her art for sale on printed items:
"All my life I have seen patterns, colors, shapes, and art all around me.
I have always loved to create and make art regardless of medium,

My ideas as young was that unless you are an illustrator and goes into advertising design, you can't really live from the proceeds of your art.

As an artist, I sometimes spend 200-300 working hours on a piece of art.  Therefore, if you think about it,  it makes sense that as an unknown artist
 I won't get paid enough to be able to survive on making art, at least not if I sell them one by one only ...
Even with a relatively low hourly wage I would need to sell my art for several thousands US dollars!!

And that is not even taking in the cost of supplies, studio space, or any of all the other costs involved in my process. 

It took me many decades to click what this meant for me though. 

Art has always been a part of my life even if I haven't had it as a sole source of income. In the music industry, I have created things like posters and album art. When it was someone's birthday or wedding, I made jewelry or a painting as a gift. I have also had the opportunity to have some shows and show my art in Sweden, USA, and Japan, but again I never did it with the purpose of being able to live off of it. I also used my art as a healing tool going through some really tough times battling cancer twice.

Then...Last year it dawned on me while working with musicians from all over the world...wait a minute...
I CAN do this ... I can create art.... live and
do what I love doing...
there is a way.... and here it is.... My art printed on items to 

Beautify the World!

Why buy functional art?

One of the advice I have often been giving to musicians (as an international music manager) could be applied also to me and my art. If I can tell them that yes you can live off what you create, then the same must be true for me and my visual art. 

The world is filled with music that is beyond "only music" for the sake of listening to it only.

For example we have music around us in every day life:

In the grocery store, in the elevator, in a movie, the music is added on to another product so to speak.
I believe we as humans also need and want
visual art in our daily life. 
why not put my art on things we all have around us in our every day?
Think about it.. Someone has designed the table cloth, the curtains, your bags, your coffee mug.. even put a design on your clothing
I decided to do just that...put my
art on items that people need and want to BEAUTIFY their world....
Beautify Your World!
The person buying my art might not even think about it as buying art primarily, but need the item in itself,

and the art on it is like an added bonus!

Traditional Media 

Besides spreading her art on printed items, Anna Cei also works on traditional media. Lately she has primarily worked with Watercolor, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, Micron pens, white gel pens and embellished the art with glitter, leaf gold and crystals.
One major goal for Anna is to be able to focus more on this kind of art, but it can't be done without funds! 

Material costs and be able afford to take the time to create art are huge factors. So we really want to encourage you all to
consider buying regular, more traditional  art as well.
All art cannot be sold here on this e-commerce  site but we have a gallery slider below 

Check it out!
You can also see more of her art here: