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Artist Anna Cei creates original art work using either traditional media or digital software. If you want to know more about me, what inspires me and how I go about creating my art. Check out my Artist Statement Video here:
About Artist Anna Cei

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My Art - Your Space

My goal is to create art that beautifies your space!
Your work space, your resting space, your eating space, your entertaining space...Your daily space wherever that might be.
Art can calm you, art can energize you, and art can heal!
Art is the perfect gift!
It is a gift of love!
I believe art is important for our well-being and it matters what we have around us.
Take a look at my art and read what I write about every piece. You can also watch my virtual galleries and time-lapse videos on my Youtube Channel:
Artist Anna Cei YouTube

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The "Jacob" Collection

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Our Folded Greeting Cards

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Keiko - A digital time-lapse video